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Greetings from Mrs. Kathleen French, Principal

One of the many gifts we inherit as citizens of this great country is the right to a quality education. I know this first hand as the child of immigrant parents from Northern Ireland. My parents sought a better life for their children and became a part of the American dream. I was the second child but the first born American in my family. I grew up in New York City - the Bronx, home of the New York Yankees. My brothers and I worked very hard to earn our high school, college, and advanced degrees because our parents believed we must do our very best to honor our family , God, and country. I carry this sentiment in my heart in all that I do.

I moved to Douglas County, Georgia in 1982. As our parents before us, my husband and I sought a better life for our children and found paradise in the Fairplay community. My children are products of the Douglas County School System. They were beneficiaries of a great public education in a family oriented school system where excellence in education is its hallmark.

I am a graduate of West Georgia College (State University of West Georgia). I received a master's degree in special education, and a specialist degree in leadership while teaching during the day and sharing parenting duties at nights and weekends with the help of a dedicated husband. I served as a special education teacher at Arbor Station Elementary school, assistant principal at Holly Springs Elementary, interim principal at Stewart Middle School, principal at Lithia Springs Elementary and principal at Holly Springs Elementary . This is my 10th year as principal at Mason Creek Elementary.